AAUP & Shipping Container Unions

People from all walks of life enjoy working at our agency since there is no prejudice toward one another. We won’t settle for anything less than that due to a previous experience that my agency went through at one time or another. My name is Susan Wright and I am the owner of AAUP Coalition. For many years, we’ve been very supportive of unions, which make life fair for people just like you. We endorse shipping container unions.

In fact, many construction workers thank us for supporting them, as a union, and we have for many years. I think that as a community, we are all in it not just to support ourselves but the people that rely on us. You may be surprised to know that we offer shipping container rental services.

We also sell shipping containers. We always have them in the back and people appreciated it. Since some of you guys are from overseas and wanted a better life, the construction industry is a great place to start. The wages are great and you get to work with all types of people and work in different places and settings compare to most positions that require being at the same location and working with some people that you may or may not get along with.

When you need something reliable to depend on no matter what it is, you can count on us. We like to meet people daily by getting to know one another. Do not hesitate to come up to one of us and say “hi” since we’re open to knowing who are in our “construction worker community.”